Our catering services range from the most elegant affair to a business luncheon or a picnic at the park. We will meet your event needs by exploring options and ideas with you. You will find our catering staff to be professional, pleasant and quick to meet your needs.

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Picnics
  • Family Reunions
  • Business Meetings, Luncheons, Dinners
  • Special Events!

If there is something special for your event then JUST ASK. Pricing is based of your request from us

We set up on your tables usually 3-4 tables needed for set up. That way when we leave your food stays on your table. Chafing dishes can be added to all orders. They can be rented (vary nice looking) or bought wire style. It usually takes about 45 min or less to feed 100 people. Then we make food ready to be left, after all you bought it. And then we are on to our next event.

We arrive with the food you ordered and confirmed. Hot food is brought hot at least 135’ and cold food is brought to you at a min. of 41’. Placed on counter top or table and you set up the have you think it should be. If you ask we can make suggestion on how it might work best. If ordered Chafing racks we be shown the correct way to set up so food does not burn. If using Crock Pots or Electric Roaster will help with correct temperature setting so food stay safe and taste.

Food is picked up at our kitchen and you deliver to your event.