In RED is an estimated number of people per foods and price which is subject to change.


Pulled Pork – 10 pounds for $120 or $12/lb. (2-3 people per lb.)
Whole Pig
– USDA inspected Pig roasted and craved on site Price based on location and people attending
– Smoked WHOLE Slab of Ribs (can be cut into smaller pieces) for $22/slab (3-4 people per slab.)
Rib Tips
– Smoked and cut into chunks bathed in sauce and sold by the lb. $8.50/lb.. (2-3 people per lb.)
Beef Brisket Shredded
–10 pounds for $165.00 or $16.50/lb. (2-3 people per lb.)
Prime Rib
– Smoked Prime Rib and cut on site Market Price 17 people for whole.
Memphis style Smoked Chicken – Cut up into 8 pieces. $12.50 a Whole Chicken (4-6 people per bird)
Jumbo Large Chicken Wings
– Sold in 30 count increments at market price. (3-4 per person)
Smoked Chicken Leg ¼’s Memphis style
– Lightly smoked and seasoned $3.00/piece. (1 per person)
Pulled Chicken shredded – 10 lbs. for $85.00 or $8.50lb. (2-3 people per lb.)
Smoked Sausage bites
– Double Smoked Sausage cut into bite size pieces. $8.50/ lb. (2-3 people per lb.)
– Homemade with or without meat $85 (18-21 people)

Meats above are lightly smoked and dry rubbed. We always cook Memphis Style. We do not add sauce to our product unless specified. We do provide sauce by the bottle for products above unless you ask for it to be added to the meat.


Cheesy Hashbrowns – Potato shredded in a cheese bake sauce. $40 Should serve 25 people
Baked Beans
– Sweet and thick with our pork in them. $55  Should serve 45 people
Cole Slaw
– Shredded cabbage with carrots in cream sauce. $47.5  Should serve 45 people
Mac & Cheese
– Cavatappi Pasta in rich cheese sauce. $52.5  Should serve 45 people
Bacon Mac & Cheese
– Cavatappi Pasta in rich cheese sauce and apple wood smoked bacon. $62.5  Should serve 40 people
Garlic Red Skins
– Red Skin potato cut up with butter and fresh garlic.  $52  Should serve 40 people
Tossed Green Salad
– Mixed Lettuce with tomatoes and mix of fresh veggies w/dressing. $55 Should serve 40 people,
Loaded Mashed Potatoe
s – Mashed Potato with sour cream, cheese, bacon, green onion and butter.  $60 Should serve 40 people
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
– Mashed Potato with gravy on side.  $55  Should serve 40 people
Broccoli Salad
– Broccoli, carrots and bacon in cream sauce.  $60  Should serve 40 people
Pasta Salad
– Pasta with fresh veggies in Italian Dressing.  $55  Should serve 40 people
Potato Salad – Potato with veggies in mustard and mayo dressing. $60  Should serve 40 people
Green Beans– Cut Green beans with onion and butter. $55  Should serve 45 people
– Sweet Corn cut off the cob with butter.  $50  Should serve 40 people
Green Bean Casserole – Green bean casserole says it all. $57.50  Should serve 40 people
Hot Mixed Vegetables
– Green beans and baby carrots lite steaming.  $50  Should serve 40 people

In RED is an estimated number of people per foods, prices are subject to change.


Cheese & Cracker Tray – Cheese cubes with crackers.  $60 Should serve 40 people
Cheese & Sausage Tray
– Cubed cheese with sliced smoked sausage.  $67.5 Should serve 40 people
– Meatballs in our BBQ sauce.  $70 Should serve 40 people
House-made Corn Dip with Chips Corn in cream cheese sauce with a kick and nacho chips.  $60  Should serve 40 people
Jumbo Chicken Wings
– 30 wings w/BBQ sauce Market Price 3 wings per person
Rib Tips –
10 pounds of Tips in a BBQ sauce $85  Should serve 40 people
Sausage Bites –
10 pounds of Sausage that is smoked and cut into bite size pieces $85 Should serve 40 people

In RED is an estimated number of people per foods, prices are subject to change.


Fruit Cobblers –Cobblers, fruit on bottom with sweet topping $40   Should serve 25 people
– Chocolate chip, Oatmeal raison, Peanut Butter, Sugar Cookie $1.5 for 2 cookies per person
– Brownie without nuts or frosting. $45  Should serve 45 people
Banana Pudding
– Pudding with fresh banana and wafers    $45  Should serve 40 people 


Corn Bread with butter $35 Should serve 50 people 
Soft Roll with butter $5.50
24 pack of rolls.
Brioche Style Buns $5.00
12 count 


Foam Plates – Foam plates and flatware – $1.25 Price given per person.
Plastic Plates – HIGHER grade plates and nicer flatware and napkins for special events $2.50 Price given per person
Sterno Racks – Heating racks with everything you need to keep food hot. Price given upon request


Serving amounts are strictly estimates.
Prices subject to change without notice.
Contact us for most up to date pricing.

Prices are given on an individual bases depending on pick up, delivery or buffet service.

All Prices above are if you pick up from our kitchen.

*Sterno Racks are not included with food prices. If you wish to add them, we can add them for an upcharge. *

****Call or email for most up to do date prices****

Prices are subject to change until deposit is received.


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